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Mononlight is a self taught stylist painter ,glass painting artist, and interior designer who has spend more her  Artistic life in UAE as well as Europe , she has immigrated from east to west to get a wider view of ART and ideas. She has been surrounded in an Artist Family with an old background of Dressmaking and Fashion designer, she touched all kind of Fabrics and saw the evening dress designing  and sewing process fully since she has been  a small baby girl and all has affected on her talent genius   to know the fabrics colors drawing , painting  and interior designing .

She has developed her unique ideas since she has been lived in UAE the heart of Modernity, Art, Architecture. She is evolved from oil painting to acrylic and mix media of both, her desire to create is to enjoy every single brush movement she runs on canvas rather than thinking of the outcome, Moonlight artworks are thoughtful, a mirror past decade, she is inspired with Emirates the big role, that this Beautiful country played in her life.

Artist Bio

Moonlight, is an Artist in Oil Painting Still life and True Nature as well as Abstract and contemporary in her style Oil Paintings artworks makes them Bold and Unique.
Even she chose to study chemistry as her Academic Education but she has been followed her colorful dreams in her Artworks. She made her artworks to be existed, since she has been Entered UAE 10 years before, the unique Spiritual Environment has affected more and more to create new Master pieces. Her Artworks has been found in Many Private Collections in UAE, Romania ,In 2017 Moonlight Canvas has chosen as her Unique Successful Logo.
 Currently her inspiration is European Nature as well as Beautiful Glowing Beaches in UAE ,in Abstract form And Still life .
Cooperated with :
  • Interior Designer Association in Ir.of Iran
  • Best Poster Designer in 1995 Artist Ramsar Festival
  • Romania Talented Artists Gathering 2005

About Moonlight Canvas

Moonlight Canvas is an experience. Not just a gallery. Here connections are made between art and artists. Moonlight Canvas presents and shares uplifting, world-class art that engages visitors and clients in a broader understanding and appreciation of beauty, creativity and the natural world. It is a place where art inspires your spirit.

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